An olfactory experience can embed a permanent memory the very first time it is experienced.  Like music, fragrance transports us.  To have this “imprinting” effect take place the smell (in this case) must be rare enough. For instance coffee is not useful as we experience it too often in our day-to-day life to build a rapid association. A similar argument may be made about roses, being relatively common and a somewhat muted fragrance. Gardenias, however are a far rarer experience with a much stronger aural olfactory note. 

The use of the word “imprinting” refers to the concept of what is typically considered an early developmental process in humans and animals however evidence suggests that when encountering something impactful and significant this process continues into adulthood.

How would you feel if every time someone you cared for recalled a sense of pride, trust, friendship, love or admiration simply from the scent of a gardenia for the rest of their lives? They would always associate that feeling with you. 

The way a person feels when they open and experience any box from High Camp Supply will never be forgotten. 

High Camp delivers unique ephemeral experiences along with sensorial gifts that reside in heart and memory. Our expertise is in delivering the exquisite right to the door of the recipient.