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Summer is hard to leave behind. Long, lazy days with friends and family, travel, beach days, music, the sun and the sea. Even the leftover sand in your bag evokes nostalgic memories.  

Fall brings cool breezes, fresh starts, new routines, and new traditions. It’s creating what will live in the memory of friends and family as “home” for years to come. For a proper autumn housewarming and homecoming, I start with fresh flowers, cozy candles, crisp sheets, crackling fireplaces, good books and treasured family recipes. There is comfort in routine and tradition, and adding something new as we come across special things modernizes and celebrates what defines us. 

Fall is a beautiful time to experience the senses and High Camp Supply Gardenias are a charming way to do just that. Our "Vine & Bloom" boxes are cut-to-order and shipped overnight from our gardenia farm on the California Coast to your door. Create a new tradition this fall and bring gardenias into your home year round. High Camp offers subscriptions for the true gardenia lover, allowing you to make the gardenia your signature flower, or to send to a loved one, reminding them how you feel about them throughout the year.

To many warm memories and a happy fall!