Luxury gift box set with overflowing gardenias and lilies


Designed in the spirit of Old Hollywood, our “Burning Love” Studio Vine & Bloom Box features Fifty premium Vine & Fifteen Bloom cut-to-order High Camp Gardenias packaged in our spectacular 2-foot long signature white gift box. Our signature silver luxe hand painted Gardenia Candle & Palo Santo complete this stunning and fragrant gift, sure to resonate in the heart of any recipient.
Designed in the spirit of Old Hollywood, our “Burning Love” Studio Box features our most luxurious signature silver hand-painted Gardenia Candle with five wide wood wicks nestled among Fifty Vine & Fifteen Bloom cut-to-order premium High Camp Gardenias. All packaged in our spectacular 2-foot long signature white gift box, Palo Santo completes this stunning and fragrant gift. Simple charm, in beyond chic packaging imprints the recipient with memories that will last a lifetime. Gift someone you love, even if that someone is you. Boxed in bud stage to prolong the life of freshly cut flowers, the studio box is sent overnight from our farm to your door.

Basic Care

High Camp Gardenias are premium gardenias with waxy dark green leaves and extra fragrant blooms. Our gardenias are cut to order and sent FedEx priority overnight from our California farm for ultimate freshness. It is normal for gardenias to arrive a bit sleepy and thirsty. Simply snap the tips (like asparagus) and place stems in cool water. The blooms will open within a few hours and last for 3-4 days, providing a continuous fragrance that is singular to gardenias.
Sixty Five premium long stem vine & 15 bloom gardenias, a hand-painted silver glass candle with white wax & five wide wood wicks, 2 sticks bundle of palo santo arrive in a 2 foot long premium gift box reminiscent of an old Hollywood Studio Box.


I love love love my subscription, and love gifting it!! The best gift ever!!!

-Jessica . T.

The most amazing gift my husband has ever given me besides our daughter and his heart.


It was one of the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received. Gardenias are a favorite flower of mine, and I made three arrangements and spread the rest out in little vases in every room. The Magic House smelled like heaven…Talk about a gift that keeps on giving — these flowers will be a memory I’ll never forget.

-Lesley Colvin

Your boxes of gardenias are truly one of my favorite gifts to give and receive.

-Paloma Contreras