A New Way of Floral

A New Way of Floral

Revolutionizing the Floral Industry

High Camp has revolutionized the floral industry by pioneering overnight, farm-to-door flowers. High Camp is able to grow cut-to-order gardenias and deliver the freshest blooms imaginable throughout the United States in a sustainable, consistent, and efficient way, changing the way that people buy and receive flowers.

By utilizing High Camp Supply's specialty ecommerce website, customers can easily and conveniently order gardenias and other seasonal white flowers from the farm to their doorsteps overnight. Customers have the option to choose from a variety of packages ranging in size and the option to include a signature vase or high-end candle to the order. Advanced logistics and custom packaging have been tested throughout the years in order to ensure the pristine delivery of fresh cut-to-order gardenias directly from the farm. 

Reducing Floral Waste

Ecommerce is not only beneficial for customers wanting to buy and send flowers from High Camp, but the platform also reduces floral waste with High Camp's cut-to-order business model. Typically flowers that you see at the grocery store are not fresh at all, but have in fact been in a flower cooler for up to six weeks before they are sold at market. High Camp has avoided that long-standing floral reality and is able to provide the freshest blooms imaginable, directly to a consumer's door, making it easier than ever to have the divine presence of gardenias in home. 

Advanced Customer Service

The business offers a truly luxurious and personalized experience to customers, which includes a dedicated and knowledgeable customer service team willing and able to provide any advice, support or care tips needed for the gardenias to thrive. Customers can personalize their gifts with heartfelt notes and customizations offered at High Camp’s easy to use checkout, and feel at peace with the carbon emissions from the shipping process being offset by High Camp planting a tree for every order shipped. 

The ecommerce store is tastefully designed to not only be the place to order gardenias, but to introduce customers and recipients alike to the world of gardenias. High Camp has campaigned for the gardenias since 2014 when they were founded by Susan Hanson, who has truly put gardenias on the map and made it possible to enjoy the fragile blooms at home. Hanson has made it possible to enjoy gardenias year-round, wherever you may be.

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