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HIGH CAMP SUPPLY was born of the concept that experiences are more valuable than "things”. When looking to convey emotion, there is a sensory language that communicates something words can not express. 

High Camp Supply is the first “Ephemeral Luxury” brand created around celebrating the everyday and making the ordinary extraordinary through sensory gifting and luxury experiences. The first to pioneer farm-to-door, cut-to-order, direct to consumer floral, High Camp continues to transport recipients through fragrance and simple charm elevated to a luxury level.

Gifts that imprint the recipient with a deeply seeded memory are an experience more impactful than anything material money can buy. I envisioned creating a brand that celebrates the everyday with ephemeral luxury and sensory gifting.

Gardenias are my favorite flower. They immediately alter a mood with a magnetic sensory overload. Somehow they are elegant, charming, sexy and classic all at once. People remember each time they come in contact with the flower, the transportive fragrance burned in their memory.

I love living with gardenias in my everyday environments, as well as using them to celebrate the most formal occasions. My love of gardenias inspired High Camp Supply and our signature product, the High Camp Gardenia Vine and Bloom Box.

Gardenias had never successfully shipped en-masse by air. Undeterred, we worked for months, refining the optimal growing methods and shipping flowers to ourselves until we perfected the process. Today High Camp is the only company in the US to ship directly to consumer cut-to-order High Camp Gardenias quality vines and blooms year-round from our farm in the beautiful coastal valley of California.

The response has been wonderfully overwhelming. Customers reach out regularly to share memories evoked and the joy the package brought to their home or loved ones.

Featured in Vogue Gift Guide for holiday, Vanity Fair Cult Favorites, Architectural Digest #1 Luxe Floral Delivery, Oprah’s Favorite Things and Elle Decor “What’s Hot”, High Camp is on a journey to deliver more sensory-based experiences, and our calendar is filled with surprises we can’t wait to share in the coming year.

Fall in love with your life.

X - Susan Hanson

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