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For the true gardenia lover, the gift of a High Camp floral subscription is a dream come true.

High Camp Supply is the original purveyor of gardenias farm to door, and the first to ship the fragile flower successfully. Cut-to-order, and shipped directly to your door, our premium white gardenias feature glossy, dark green foliage and velvety, fragrant blooms wonderful for floating or placing in vases. Once you discover the joy of living with gardenias, you may wish to make the elegant, fragrant blooms a signature in your home. Enjoy a fresh delivery every week, every month or seasonally. Flowers that greet you upon arrival as you travel throughout the year, become a signature in your home or your personalized gift for friends. As we traditionally sell out at various times throughout the year, subscription customers always enjoy priority. Complimentary special delivery service is also inclusive, meaning that selecting a specific delivery date on your subscription is always gratis. 
Please call us at 415.770.2360 if we can help you customize your subscription and/or purchase with a one time payment.