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Gardenia Resources

Get to know Gardenias with High Camp Supply. Resources, tips, and advice for the true Gardenia Lover.

Traveling with Candles: Can You Bring Candles on a Plane?

Preparing for travel can be both exciting and draining. The packing and prepping can get even more confusing when you have items that fall in the gray area of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) restrictions. What you can carry on a plane seems to change every few years, and the last thing you want is to be delayed in the TSA...


Ephemeral Luxury: Unforgettable, Eternal Elegance

As we dance our way through the tapestry of time, we find ourselves appreciating the little things in life. The simple moments of gathering around the kitchen table, going on a walk through the neighborhood and reminiscing over childhood memories, bringing flowers in from the garden. High Camp was founded on the basis that experiences are more valuable than things,...



A Gardenia Care Guide As the sole purveyor of the most coveted blooms available, High Camp proudly delivers fresh gardenias cut-to-order, overnight to your door. Enjoy our blooms anywhere in the 48 Continental States, Hawaii and Canada, shipped directly from our farms on the California coast.  Gardenias are notoriously fragile flowers that require special care to prolong their vase life....


Enhance your Holidays - Winter Floral Arrangements

With winter upon us, it's hard not to lean into the urge to nestle at home and surround ourselves with warmth and nostalgia. It's time to reflect on the year - lessons learned, moments shared, and memories made. Feelings of new beginnings begin to emerge. What possibilities await us in the new year? These thoughtful and introspective moods are the...


Unique Floral Arrangements: How to Arrange your Flowers at Home

  “To be creative means to be in love with life” ― Osho A floral bouquet is a classic way to bring style and beauty into the home, but there are many ways to decorate with flowers beyond a vase. High Camp provides all the elements you need to arrange your blooms and vines as you please, with a personal...


The Sensory Gifting Takeover

Gift-giving is turning a new leaf. We transition from gifting to impress to gifting with deeper inspirations. A sensory gift is an unexpected treat; a way to reminisce every time they breathe that fragrance or hear that song.


Palo Santo 101

With the onset of a New Year, beginnings and opportunities are unfolding. As new doors open and others close, it helps to walk into the unknown with a clean slate. One way to make transitions painless and uncomplicated is with an energy cleanser known as palo santo.


Gardenia Care and Arranging Tips

Gardenias have notoriously been known to be fragile and difficult flowers to grow. High Camp has not only been able to consistently produce and ship the delicate blooms, but also wants to share gardenia care and arranging tips for all the gardenia lovers out there.