Unique Floral Arrangements: How to Arrange your Flowers at Home

Unique Floral Arrangements: How to Arrange your Flowers at Home


“To be creative means to be in love with life”

― Osho

A floral bouquet is a classic way to bring style and beauty into the home, but there are many ways to decorate with flowers beyond a vase. High Camp provides all the elements you need to arrange your blooms and vines as you please, with a personal touch. 

Tap into your creative freedom and use the following ideas as inspiration for adorning your home with your favorite flower. Unique floral arrangements need not be confined to a single vase.

Not Your Average Floral Arrangements

Whether creating an atmosphere of serenity, romance, or celebration, flowers are the perfect place to start. Artistic arrangements around the home elevate the scene and create a whole new mood. High Camp has a bounty of DIY ideas for you to use as inspiration and stand out as a host for your next event. So read on to discover how to arrange flowers in ways that will surprise even the most experienced guest.

Create a Bath Time Oasis

Do you allow yourself an indulgent bath every once in a while? Incorporating a soothing bath into your regular self-care ritual is even more tempting if you have exquisite flowers involved. Bringing flowers into your bath is guaranteed to boost the atmosphere and brighten the air. Float them in the water, display them in the room, or hang them in the window. Give yourself permission to enjoy the sensory overload of a delicate, fragrant bloom.

Host a Picnic

The last few years have been an isolating challenge for many. Now is the time to embrace friendships, family, and life's special moments that we so often take for granted. Hosting a picnic is a great way to let loved ones know how much you cherish them. What better way to bring together a group than with food, drink, and laughter? We love to scatter fresh-cut gardenias across our spread to make an average get-together feel more magical.

Picture this: a brimming picnic basket overflowing with spirits, delicacies, and delicious food. Bunches of fresh gardenias and lilies strewn about, adding fragrant beauty to the air. You have a memory in the making. 

Unique Centerpieces

Another tried-and-true use of floral arrangements is the center of your table. High Camp wants you to explore more unique presentations that will make your gathering stand out. Rethink your existing belongings that could become vessels for distinctive floral arrangements. 

  • Weave vines and blooms into a natural runner.
  • Top a nest of blooms with wooden eggs to replicate feathered figures.
  • Implement a monochrome theme with blooms of the same color. Mix gardenias and lilies for a striking, classic look.
  • Or, go rustic with wooden candlesticks and bowls brightened with petals of every color.
  • Top a runner with a tangle of branches and crisp white gardenia blooms.
  • Adopt the simple beauty of a fruit bowl nestled with loose petals.

These flower arrangements are simply ideas to inspire your own look. Take them as inspiration to create unique presentations around your home.

 Bloom Bowls

Designers are always looking for new ways to spin classic ideas into distinctive home decor. Bloom bowls are a perfect, time-honored example to experiment with new home decor ideas and create unique flower arrangements. Bloom bowls mix sentimentality with the contemporary.

  • Bring out your grandmother's teapot and fill it with small floating petals.
  • Float blooms in a crystal bowl or precious china teacups.
  • Embrace the seasonal and arrange a beautiful collection into a squash or gourd.
  • Go retro and display assorted glass jars and bottles overflowing with tender flowers.

The Gift of Flowers

Hosting friends is an opportunity to express your creative side while providing your guests with an experience to remember. Whether you're hosting a wedding shower, birthday party, or corporate event, you can use flower bouquets to wow the crowd.

As you make gift bags, include flowers for a well-rounded sensory gift experience. This isn't just unique but shows an extra level of intention behind each box.

A Bedside Reminder

A simple gardenia on the bedside table will romanticize your morning...unexpected floral arrangements can uplift your outlook for the whole day. The visual effect and surprising fragrance will encourage feelings of serenity, optimism, and positivity - all in one quick glance. Give yourself the gift of fresh flowers and romanticize your life one moment at a time.

Luxury Flowers Delivered to Your Doorstep

High Camp is the proven pre-eminent supplier of high-end gardenias delivered with care all over the U.S. Our mission is to provide the gift of a unique sensory experience through a consistent brand and awe-inspiring experiences. Our flower delivery service is second to none. We've made it possible to get alluring gardenias delivered right to your home, whether you want a small assortment or a large installment. Arrange them in a traditional vase or place them as you choose - they're waiting for your personal touch to complete the look. Brighten the atmosphere in your home and life by adding High Camp's luxury flowers to the mix.

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