Enhance your Holidays - Winter Floral Arrangements

Enhance your Holidays - Winter Floral Arrangements

With winter upon us, it's hard not to lean into the urge to nestle at home and surround ourselves with warmth and nostalgia. It's time to reflect on the year - lessons learned, moments shared, and memories made. Feelings of new beginnings begin to emerge. What possibilities await us in the new year?

These thoughtful and introspective moods are the perfect moments to send gifts to loved ones as a reminder of how much they mean to us. What better way to send warmth during the winter than with fresh cut flowers -- a true surprise at this time of year when most gifts are material, mundane, surface-level. 

We think of gardenias as a seasonal delight, being too fragile for the harsh cold. High Camp Supply has revolutionized the gardenia world. Send and receive fresh-cut gardenias year-round and experience the joy of nature’s purest beauties.

As florists by nature and practice, we've seen some inspiring flower arrangements in our day. We've compiled a list of our recommendations for your winter floral arrangements for you. Get inspired and enhance your wintertime ambiance with these fresh ideas.

Holiday Home Decor Inspiration

Whether planning a party or beautifying your personal space, flowers add a touch of intention and personality to a room. Flowers don’t just belong in vases at the center of the dining table, though that’s always a classic approach.

  • Teacup vase

    • Placed on a kitchen table, coffee table, or window sill, flowers look cute and enchanting in a teacup vase. This unique styling is best for short-stemmed cuttings with medium to large florets.

  • Live Wreaths

    • Wreaths are a timeless and tasteful winter floral arrangement that accentuates a home's entryways, inside or out. Our gardenia wreath and candle set, with stunning green vines, bright white blooms, and a hand-poured candle, is the perfect holiday gift.

  • Winter fruit bowl

    • Wintertime fruits like pomegranate, grapefruit, and pears look marvelous on display in a large fruit bowl. We like to place gardenia loose blooms among them for a pop of white among the red and green hues.

  • Dinner table place settings

    • As you set the table, adding fresh-cut flowers to each place setting can make your guests feel especially welcome at the table. While you dine or chat, sweet-smelling aromas will hover around you, lifting everyone’s mood.

  • Oasis bath

    • What better way to show your partner you care than running a hot bath for them and adorning it with an array of fresh-cut flowers. Light a wood wick candle, dim the lights, and give them the excuse to unwind and escape from the cold.

  • Cocktails

    • Holiday parties are the perfect opportunity to stand out as a host. As you serve your guests drinks, think of other ways of decorating them other than red glassware or green garnish. Floating a striking white flower petal in each cocktail glass will impress guests with every sip. 

  • Loose bloom water bowl

    • Floating loose-bloom bowls are a far underrated flower arrangement. With origins in southeast Asia as a way to revere nature's beauty and bring it inside the home, loose bloom bowls usher an era of peace and tranquility. 

  • Coffeetable centerpeice

    • Winter floral arrangements don't have to stand alone. We recommend sprinkling High Camp cut-to-order gardenias along your table's centerpiece, in the small spaces where details make all the difference. Crisp white petals complement any assemblage, from vivid pine needles to winterberries to pinecones. 

  • Create your own holiday floral arrangement

    • Who said you need a florist to create stunning floral arrangements? Create unique designs with a personal touch by putting together your own holiday centerpieces. Add cranberries, pinecones, candles, pine needles, flowers, holly, garland, and more. Need some design inspiration?

  • Holiday party event installations

    • Enchant your next holiday event with a professional, custom-designed floral installation. Archways, suspensions, walkways, and other professional arrangements elevate holiday parties to the next level.

  • Incorporating gardenias into your holiday party decor

    • White as snow, gardenias blend amazingly with just about any decor. Our gardenias come as vines, loose blooms, and wreaths, so you can place them around the home as you please. There's something special about having the freedom to add a personal touch to floral arrangements, especially during the holiday.

Gifting Winter Floral Arrangements and More

Winter flower arrangements probably aren't the first thing that comes to mind when shopping for holiday presents. Because flowers are more of a springtime offering, they present a pleasant surprise when delivered around Christmas. Here are a few of our favorite options for gifting winter flowers. 

  • Box party invitations

    • How better to make guests feel special than with a freshly cut gardenia in their invitation box? Details like this are few and far between - when a host goes above and beyond, it’s even more impactful.

  • Fresh-cut wreath

    • There’s nothing better than knowing your friends will be proud to show off the gift you’ve given. It’s rare to see a live wreath – especially one with gardenia blooms in it’s folds. 

  • Fresh-cut garlands

    • Nothing evokes holiday spirit more than doing traditional decorations how they were originally done. Ornament your fireplace with our fresh-cut garland gift box that comes with fresh blooms and holiday-scented candles. 

  • Candles

    • Candles are a gift you can’t go wrong with. Our wide-wick candles are hand-poured into craft-painted jars, scented with Palo Santo, and delivered just days after order. 

  • Loose Blooms

    • We urge our customers to take creative licenses with their winter arrangements. With loose blooms, you can play around with any of the ideas listed above to create your own personalized holiday floral arrangement.

High Camp Supply: Luxury Flowers 

High Camp Supply is making waves in the luxury floral world. We can offer cut-to-order gardenias year-round, including during the holiday season. Not only do we provide the finest luxury gardenia delivery, but we offer a full scope of sensory gifting. Naturally scented candles and crisp white gardenias are universally loved. Let us help you elevate your holiday flowers this season. 

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