Celebrating Women in Business: Meet our Founder

Celebrating Women in Business: Meet our Founder

High Camp Supply was created with a vision: delivering refined sensory gifts that give the everyday a touch of indulgence. This women-led business is the sole U.S. supplier of cut-to-order gardenias for the luxury market. Susan Hanson, the founder of it all, created this business from a deeply personal place, wanting to duplicate the feeling of receiving an emotion-evoking gift. 

When she conceived the idea in 2014, she wanted to procure the flower that was so impactful in her life, but she found it was nearly impossible to safely and successfully ship. “I worked for months, refining the optimal growing methods and shipping flowers to myself until the process was perfected. No one had successfully shipped gardenias en-masse by air before due to the flower’s delicacy.” Many in the floral industry provide fresh roses and prearranged vases, but no luxury enterprise had mastered the art of the gardenia. Ergo, the gardenia revolution was born.

From a Vision to a Successful Business

Taking business ideas from a vision to fruition requires passion and a plethora of business savvy. High Camp's origin story is one of inspiration and pure innovation. Every step of the game had to be re-imagined and perfected. The goal: optimize cultivation, perfect production, and procure top-shelf, pristine delicate blooms. 

Preservation techniques and packaging practices took countless trials before a consistent level of quality was reached. This imaginative yet devoted commitment has elevated expectations in the field and the quality is unmatched. 

Pioneering a new level of excellence in an existing industry can be risky and unfulfilling. But from concept to fulfillment, High Camp Supply maintained a focus on delivering one-of-a-kind sensory experiences that carry the beneficiary back to a meaningful memory. Use flowers and candles as an indulgent self-care ritual to celebrate the every day and bring joy to special occasions.

If the goal is to deliver a sensory-based experience, details are everything. High Camp's blooms are of the highest quality. Even the crackling wooden wicks in the lavish candles add to the moving experience. The normal becomes extraordinary. The mood elevates to transportive. You're re-living a memory.

As Susan so gorgeously put it, "There is a sensory language that communicates something words can not express."

A Toast to Female Entrepreneurs

When a woman dares to act on a dream, many obstacles interject. An unwavering spirit and tenacity are basic prerequisites. Compiling a team of strong-minded entrepreneurs magnifies the chances of success. High Camp founder, Susan Hanson, assembled hard-working and trailblazing team members to ensure not only success but a revolution in the floral-delivery industry. Her unique feminine perspective generated an experience-driven service requested and loved by celebrities, designers, and floral enthusiasts as they indulge in everyday self-care and small celebrations of life.

Celebrate Women-owned Businesses this March

As International Womens' Day approaches, we appreciate the community of women in business and the strides they've taken against all odds. To be a female leader is something to be celebrated. Cheers to female empowerment and a happy International Womens' Day from High Camp.

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