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The Sensory Gifting Takeover

Stimulate the Senses

“Nothing revives the past so completely as a smell that was once associated with it.” 

― Vladimir Nabokov

Love is in the air, and everyone is looking for a unique way to show their special someone how much they mean to them.

At a time when everything is attainable at the click of a button, receiving a thoughtful gift is more appreciated than ever. Why not embrace sensory gifting, giving your loved one an experience they can taste, smell, hear, or participate in? Things we wouldn't normally spoil ourselves with, but receiving them is like a breath of fresh air.

When you gift an experience, you can extend the wish of a new memory to be cherished - just as collectible as material items but so much deeper in meaning. With a little intention, you can create an undying moment. 

Gift-giving is turning a new leaf. We transition from gifting to impress to gifting with deeper inspirations. A sensory gift is an unexpected treat; a way to reminisce every time they breathe that fragrance or hear that song.

Gift Ideas for All

So what is the perfect sensory gift for you sweetheart? Are they sentimental, nostalgic, or adventurous? A homebody or out-on-the-town kind of person? A foodie or a thrill seeker? Take a few ideas from our repertoire.

  • Tickets. Plan a day together that's all about them. An intimate live music show, art exhibit, or comedy night make for great nights out.
  • Flowers. Our favorite sensory gift is a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers. Your beau will be blown away by the fragrant delivery, forever associating that noteworthy perfume with the time you sent them flowers.
  • Playlist. How special would you feel if someone made a playlist with all of your favorites? Include songs you sing together, that remind them of you, or that you think would brighten their day.
  • Cook for them. Sensory gifts don't have to be bought from a store. Sharing a home-cooked meal together will show them that they're worth all the time and effort in the world. Taste a meal made with care while the room fills with delicious scents. Talk about a sensory experience.

Sensory Gifts from the Heart

We hope these gift ideas inspire you to give experiences over items, creating memories over clutter. Gifts that stimulate the senses and connect you on a deeper level are so much more impactful and transcend the norm. Here are a few High Camp gems that would make marvelous thoughtful gifts and are sure to provide the sensory experience you're looking for.

The Siren Vine & Bloom Candle Box

The fragrant aroma of fresh gardenias and the spicy-sweet scent of palo santo are a sensory dream. This gift box is perfect for saying "thinking of you."

Medium Wide Wick "Campfire" Vine & Bloom Box

Nestled alongside fresh vine and bloom gardenias, this hand-poured candle contains a clean soy blend and wide wood wick. This gift box comes with authentic palo santo sticks for a separate aura-cleansing gift that your loved one can use when they want to begin anew.

Floating Bloom Box

Send love their way with a nest of cut-to-order gardenia blooms ready for self-arrangement. A thoughtful and non-materialistic gift, this box will blow them away with the intoxicating scent of gardenias straight from the farm.

Pique their Senses

These types of non-material gifts do wonders to strengthen relationships and display authenticity. You can tailor each gift to your friend's interests and veer toward the personal, meaningful, and memorable. Join us in the sensory gifting movement today.

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