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Gardenia Symbolism - Why Gardenias are the Perfect Gift for any Occasion

Bright white florets alongside deep green foliage make gardenias strikingly beautiful flowers. Their vivid color contrast and alluring floral scent attract and captivate onlookers. But what exactly do these charming white flowers symbolize?

Since the times of ancient Asian societies, gardenias have held a unique significance as symbols of trust, sweetness, and purity. Read on to understand the many meanings of gardenia flowers and when is the best time to gift them. 

Gardenia History

Although gardenias are named after Alexander Garden, a Scottish botanist living in South Carolina, they get their roots from tropical Asia and Africa. Tradesmen brought them to South Africa and Europe in the 18th century, though they struggled to thrive in the harsh English cold weather. Around 1752, Garden became the first known person to grow gardenia flowers in North America successfully. Gardenia jasminoides or Cape Jasmine Gardenias are the most common species grown and sold by florists and botanists. 

There are nearly 150 gardenia varieties with varying heights, flower shapes, colors, and climate tolerances. Through genetic modification, meticulous research, and persistent gardening, we now have gardenia plants that can survive the chilly Northeastern fall weather. Thanks to High Camp Supply, you can order the once fragile summer-only flower year-round right to your doorstep. 

Symbolism, Meanings, and Significance

There are a few ways to interpret the meaning of a gardenia flower.

Because of their clean white petals, gardenias symbolize purity, refinement, innocence, harmony, and gentleness. This symbolism makes them a wonderful way to celebrate new beginnings like anniversaries, births, weddings, baptisms, and great achievements -- events that evoke hope.

The white gardenia flower signifies love, affection, trust, and admiration. It's common to gift them to communicate admiration, to say “I'm thinking about you" or "You mean a lot to me." Even as a friendly gesture, the gardenia is a simple way to let your loved ones know you value them. One of their lesser-known meanings is that of a secret or unknown love. Gardenias are a thoughtful way to express that you care about someone, even if it hasn't yet been expressed verbally.

Lastly, gardenia flowers signify peace, joy, and tranquility. Because most gardenias have white flowers with pops of yellow near the center, they have vibrant personalities. This makes them a lively choice for celebrations while also being appropriate for wishing others peace in times of grieving.

Before High Camp, it was nearly impossible to ship gardenias, especially during the winter months. I started High Camp to spread the joy of gardenias and make it possible to enjoy them anywhere and anytime. Ship fresh-cut gardenia flowers year-round and spread the chic charm of gardenias to you and your loved ones.

Fresh-Cut Gardenia Flowers Make the Perfect Gift

 Because Gardenias have many meanings, romantic, platonic, and sentimental, they can make a thoughtful gift for anyone and any occasion. Here are a few of our favorite ways to gift gardenias:

  • Floating Blooms

    • En masse or individually, floating gardenia blooms make stunning additions to any room's ambiance. Our gardenia loose-blooms fit in low-sided vases, wide bowls, or whatever vessel you choose.
  • Candle Gift Sets

    • When you open our gardenia gift boxes, you'll immediately be blown away by the sweet fresh scent. Gifting a gardenia candle gift box, including cut-to-order gardenia blooms and vines, is a unique way to deliver the symbolism and meaning of this precious flower.
  • Fresh Gardenias in Vase

    • Even if you aren't in the mood to creatively design your gardenias, they still look incredible in a vase -- a more traditional display. Whether conveying love, congratulations, or gratitude, the gardenia plant can convey your meaning with grace and elegance. 

Gardenias for Weddings and Events

Unsure what flower is right for your wedding ceremony or special event? Because the gardenia can symbolize protection, hope, trust, and love, there's no better option. They make for elegant, classy decor and match every color scheme in the book. 

Consider gardenias in small table additions, decorative archways, hanging structures -- even bouquets and boutonnières. Loose blooms can float in cocktails, decorate a cake, and add that personal touch that makes us remember the host's style and attention to detail.

To guarantee bright, fresh, sweet-smelling flowers on your special day, flower delivery is your safest choice. At High Camp, we proudly provide the world's highest-quality gardenia flower delivery services. We are experts in floral installations for corporate events, weddings, galleries, and more. Discover our floral event box and decorate your party as you envision it.  

A Deeper Meaning

To us, the gardenia signifies something more extraordinary than these underlying meanings and messages. To open a box of freshly cut gardenias leaves a lasting impression, sensory in its visual beauty and breathtaking smell. These flowers have the power to evoke memories of another place and time. Maybe it brings back joy, lost love, or a time of innocence. 

Gardenias embody the perfect gift of ephemeral luxury -- impermanent beauty to be cherished, treasured, and remembered with the next box.

Browse our collection of fresh-cut gardenia flowers and see for yourself why gardenias are the perfect sensory gift for every occasion.

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