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"The ultimate luxury in life remains nature."
- Robert Rabensteiner
High Camp Gardenias are grown in the idyllic climate of the California Coast. Bathed in sunshine and kissed by the sea, our elegant gardenias bloom year-round. 
As the only purveyor of cut-to-order gardenias on dark glossy stems, High Camp proudly delivers the most fragrant flowers imaginable to the most discerning clients in the nation.
"While gardenias' heady, intense scent is part of their allure, their fleeting nature makes them quite hard to find - and especially hard to ship. High Camp Supply has rectified this dilemma for connoisseurs, providing boxes of either 30 or 50 unblemished blooms, with portions on the vine and vase-ready, along with stemless flower tops to float in water." - Robb Report
For the true gardenia lover, we offer an "Endless Supply" subscription service, for delivery weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly. 
With love from High Camp,
Susan Hanson
"Intense emotional response is evoked when we least expect it. Through sound. Fragrance. Touch. Taste. We are instantly transported to another place and time." 
— Susan Hanson