"People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. Yet, they will never forget how you made them feel."
- Maya Angelou

People don’t always know how we feel about them.

We forget to tell them, even when we are thinking of them all the time. 

We perhaps “don’t have the time,” or the front of mind “language” to convey our emotions “just right.”

We put it off. We regret that we did. It bothers us.

Our desire is not only to express ourselves, but to have the expression equally understood and seen with gravitas by the recipient. 

We know we could be better communicators of congratulations, pride, love, grief or joy if we had a simple solution. One that represents and articulates our feelings… creating the connections we desire in a way that is tasteful, impactful and long remembered.

A “go-to gift” becomes just that when the intended message is so well received, it surprises everyone involved.

Sensory Gifting takes experiential luxury to a breathtaking level. Open an airtight box of cut-to-order Gardenias en masse and in bloom, and you will know what we mean.

Good intentions, delivered overnight.

With love from High Camp,
Susan Hanson
"High Camp is my all time go-to for a perfectly curated gesture, understated or extravagant, nails it every time in style! Extra points for speedy customer service, I so appreciate it…. feel free to post the praise, it’s entirely sincere."
- Randi Crum