High Camp Stories: OUR ROOTS

High Camp Stories: OUR ROOTS

Gardenias on the farm and in gift boxes

In 2014 High Camp revolutionized the floral industry, pioneering cut-to-order flowers shipped directly from our farm on the California Coast. 

My initial desire was to ship the gardenia flower successfully.

This had never been done previously, and seemed at first, simply not possible.

Nearly a year into "try, try again" in the summer of 2014, the unthinkable happened. We were named on "Oprah's Favorite Things" for Holiday, as well as Vanity Fair's "Cult Favorites" and soon after, Vogue's "Gift Guide for Holiday" as well. 

In mastering a reliable and consistent delivery of the highest quality, most delicate, and freshest blooms imaginable, we introduced a new trend in floral... fresh blooms by air overnight direct to consumer.

Cut to 2023, and the market is flooded with overnight floral options. Yet no matter how beautiful, nothing compares.

High Camp remains the sole purveyor of the rarest and most delicate blooms available. Our signature classic, Vine & Bloom Box features 30 elegant gardenias on stem and cut to float, defining sensory gifting through a fragrant and impactful heartwarming experience.

Our gardenias bloom year round. The location of our farm on the central California coast allows for exceptional growing conditions.

Refining our crops with our expert growers year by year has allowed us to master lighting, temperature, watering schedule, cut-point and packaging techniques to offer the most fragrant and desirable blooms imaginable.  

We are proud of the results we have achieved and grateful for your continued support and encouragement. We hope you enjoy and continue to send love with High Camp.

Susan Hanson



"While gardenias' heady, intense scent is part of their allure, their fleeting nature makes them quite hard to find - and especially hard to ship. High Camp Supply has rectified this dilemma for connoisseurs."