gardenias and luxury floral boxes


gardenias and luxury floral boxes
"Make me a fragrance that smells like love."
- Christian Dior 
Founded as the first "Ephemeral Luxury" brand, High Camp's focus has always been on experiences, not "things." With a foundation of elevating simple charm to a luxury level, we offer a series of olfactory rituals that have evolved into a lifestyle brand. 
High Camp is the first to pioneer farm-to-door floral, direct-to-consumer. 
In 2014 we imagined a market for high-end luxury floral, delivered with consistency only achievable via “cut-to-order” priority overnight delivery. 
We began shipping elegant and rare flowers en bloom with a "loose, un-tied chic" presentation in an elegant gift box, redefining expectations and enabling the recipient to hand-arrange, defining personal style.
Our signature "High Camp Gardenias," are lovingly grown on the California coast year-round.
A simple Gardenia is one of the most elegant blooms imaginable. Creamy velvet petals and dark glossy greens deliver a fragrance capable of imprinting all who encounter the graceful bloom for a lifetime. 
Always stunning, the classic beauty steals your breath with its heady, intoxicating scent,  transporting one on a journey only fragrance can deliver.
Perfect for every occasion, the blooms are equally at home as a single blossom floating on a breakfast table or holding court as the leading lady at the chicest of affairs. 
Flowers are the ultimate connector and a beautiful way to coney emotion.  When words alone are not enough, the magic of flowers speaks from the heart. 
With love from High Camp,
Susan Hanson
"The simple fragrances we encounter every day permanently imprint us with a sense of time, a sense of place. Memories of a childhood vacation to a treasured beach house, triggered by the scent of the sea mingling with a campfire and the final neroli blossoms of the season..."
- Susan Hanson