my hand in yours bronze sculptures and fresh cut to order gardenias


My Hand in Yours bronze sculptures with gardenias
It is with gratitude and great honor that we announce our partnership with Jamie Lee Curtis and her beautiful philanthropic project, My Hand in Yours.
We are deeply aligned in our desire to foster meaningful connections and create unforgettable experiences.
To quote Jamie:
“MY HAND IN YOURS is partnering with a company I have long been a patron of, HIGH CAMP GARDENIAS and their founder Susan Hanson. Her fresh gardenias are a beautiful gift to give and receive…All of these boxes of goodness are offered in the same spirit that we both run our companies. Beauty. Connection. Comfort and most importantly, at MY HAND IN YOURS, 100% of all proceeds are sent to Children's Hospital Los Angeles for the care and treatment of critically ill and injured children. Please join us and honor mothers everywhere” - 
Jamie Lee Curtis
High Camp was born of the concept that experiences are more valuable than "things," and created around making the ordinary extraordinary and celebrating everyday. Our gifts are designed to transport recipients through the elegance of fresh cut-to-order blooms and opulently scented candles.
My Hand in Yours seeks to champion meaningful emotion and support by connecting the dots between art and creativity, compassion, and empathy. MHIY invites you to become a powerful source of change that extends far beyond commerce. 
My Hand in Yours very generously donates the proceeds from their products to support Children's Hospital Los Angeles, strengthening an emotional connection between sender and recipient. 
Sculptor Anne Ricketts speaks to us in a language only art can convey through her beautiful bronze sculptures commemorating support, connection and “in good times and bad” solidarity. 
With three stunning offerings to choose from, High Camp and My Hand in Yours are proud to share the "Together" Vine & Bloom Box and the "Always" Vine & Bloom box series just in time for Mother’s Day.
“Together” is the first in a small series made specifically for My Hand In Yours, LLC. 
“My hope is that this sculpture serves as a talisman of connection, a symbol of love, and a tangible reminder that we are not alone on our journey through life” ~ Anne Ricketts
The "Always" sculpture represents the greatest love possible. The truest intention of My Hand in Yours. Between a parent and a child, a grandparent and a child, a relative and a child, and any adult and a child. That indescribable bond. That unconditional love.  
These 2" x 1" bronze sculptures are the perfect addition to any bedside table, stack of books, or bathroom counter, designed to fit in your life and serve as a constant reminder of love and support. 
We are filled with joy to present this collaboration, and hope you and your near and dear enjoy these heartfelt offerings. 
With love from High Camp and My Hand in Yours,
Susan Hanson and my wonderful guest of honor, Jamie Lee Curtis