"Even after all this time, 

the sun never says to the earth, 

'You Owe Me.' 

Look what happens with a love like that, 

it lights the whole sky." 

- Hafiz


High Camp was founded around the simple concept of creating extraordinary memories through ordinary moments. 

My mother taught me to do that. 

It takes a village to teach us how to live well, but my mom forever shaped the way I see the world. She is above all loving, magnetic in her capacity to create warmth and beauty out of thin air. Dedicated wholeheartedly to binding our family together, while encouraging us to believe fundamentally that anything is possible. Her love surrounds me, even all alone and far from home.

In celebration of moms, we are offering a series of fragrant, seasonal blooms. 

Cut-to-order gardenias, white lilac, peonies, jasmine and white lilies say “I love you” in a way that only flowers can, particularly when words aren’t enough.

This year we are proudly partnering with Maria Shriver and her nonprofit organization, The Women's Alzheimer's Movement (WAM) focused on women and Alzheimer's. A portion of proceeds from our Shared Stories Vine and Bloom Boxes will be donated to WAM to benefit Alzheimer's research.  

To have, and to be a mother are two of the greatest gifts I will ever know.  

Sending love and immense gratitude to all the ladies who “mother” in countless ways, and to all of those supporting them to make it possible. 

For dear friends that have lost your moms, consider sending flowers to yourself in her honor.  Make her favorite breakfast and invite her to sit next to you in your heart. 

With love from High Camp,
Susan Hanson