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Flowers speak a language all their own, one which resides in our hearts and memories. They are capable of sending a message we may not otherwise be able to convey. The flowers we choose to surround ourselves with, as well as those gifted to someone special, say something about us, as well as our intended recipient. Our choice of blooms, as well as the way in which they are presented, work in concert to speak a sensory language otherwise impossible to communicate. 
The gardenia flower represents many things.  Although one of the most elegant flowers imaginable, the gardenia is also simple, graceful and understated.  Equally at home as a single bloom in a bud vase on the breakfast table, or en masse as a memorable statement at the chicest event imaginable, gardenias are always stunning, classic, impactful and significant.
Traditionally, gardenias have been used to signify love.  From a secret crush, to lovers, friends, family and associates, the flowers speaks its own unique language. Gardenias are given to convey, “you’re lovely”.  The bright white petals speak of love and purity, hope, clarity, alignment, self-reflection, dreams, intuition and renewal. They speak of optimism and belief.
Gardenia leaves are shiny, and waxy, symbolic of clarity and reflection. Gardenias have been used historically in meditation to come to the core of oneself by those seeking understanding and enlightenment.  Metaphorically and energetically, they direct us to dispel bad feelings and energies. Breathe in their heady, intoxicating scent, and it will transport you in a way only fragrance can.
My mother once told me “Bring flowers in your house everyday, it shows you believe that today matters”.  My love for gardenias comes from many things, but is greatly attributed to my mother, and our tradition of wearing one on our birthdays for as long as I can remember.  
We hope this year is filled with love, hope and conveying what is in your heart.