gardenias, inaru chocolate and founders


gardenias, chocolate, founds of HCS and Inaru

By Replacing Competition With Compassion, These Founders Are Raising Millions And Changing The World.

Thank you FORBES for sharing the story. 
Two female-founded companies have joined hands on an incredible offering; one excelling in specialty chocolate from the Dominican Republic, and another pioneering the floral industry with fresh cut-to-order gardenias and sensory “ephemeral luxury” experiences. 
High Camp is proud to announce our partnership with Inaru. We have joined together to create the perfect pairing just in time for Mother’s Day. 
The result is overwhelming. Upon opening the gift box, the opulent scent of our elegant and fragrant gardenias floats in the air…nestled in the flowers, the handcrafted Inaru chocolates are in a class by themselves. 
The love and care instilled in both these brands will speak to the recipient at every turn. 
For Mother’s Day, we have three offerings featuring gardenias and a chocolate truffle symphony of indulgent flavors, decadent chocolate bars, and a masterful combination of both, these desirable gifts are sure to excite any recipient. 
Both High Camp and Inaru have masterfully curated their offerings through years of refining the optimal growing methods for gardenias and cacao alike. 
This global pairing is a sensory overload, sure to procure an exceptional response from even the most discerning recipient. 
With love from High Camp,
Susan Hanson