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"Though we each lead different lives, the experience of growing older, and the joys and emotions which it brings, are familiar to us all."
- Queen Elizabeth II
Having just spent a few days with family in the wine country celebrating my stepfather's 80th, these words feel especially close to my heart this week. 
We have all heard many renditions of "you can't take it with you."
In the later years of our lives, few of us long for more "stuff."
We cherish experiences. We cherish loved ones. We reflect, most importantly, on the precious memories we string together year by year.
A sky full of stars, a loved one reaching out unexpectedly, the memories we hold of what somehow becomes "home"... a soap, a blanket, a fire, the sound of the water or the wind...
Celebrate each day and create memories and traditions that reside in the hearts of those most dear...
Experience ephemeral luxuries from High Camp Supply. 
With love from High Camp, 
Susan Hanson