the gift for the person who has everything

Gardenias have a language all their own.

Say it with flowers… fresh cut-to-order gardenias delivered year-round, direct from our farm on the California coast, overnight to your door.

"The best thing my husband has ever given me besides our daughter and his heart." - Chariya

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Elegant, Charming, Sexy, and Classic, all at once.

Experience Ephemeral Luxury

High Camp offers exquisite hand-poured perfume grade candles and fresh, cut-to-order flowers shipped directly from our farm on the California Coast year-round.

High Camp Holiday

The Home for the Holidays Studio Vine & Bloom Box and Season of Lights Studio Grand Vine & Bloom Box arrive in our luxury 2-foot-long gift boxing featuring a Camellia Green wreath in the Home for the Holidays Box and a Camellia Green Garland in the Season of Lights Box.

Each product comes nestled among gardenias and our signature fragrances that are hand-poured with crackling wood wicks. These limited edition holiday boxes are available for delivery exclusively on December 7th, 8th, 14th and 15th only. Please state your preferred ship date in order notes. 

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Explore Large Scale Candles

High Camp’s modernized signature wide wick candles feature gorgeous hand-painted glass vessels and wide wood wicks.

All candles are hand-poured with perfume grade fragrances with black soy wax in our black vessels and white soy wax in our white and silver vessels. Shipped straight from the farm in our luxury gift box.

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"Surely the most glamorous you can send." - AD

Gardenias had never successfully shipped en-masse by air. Undeterred, we worked for months, refining the optimal growing methods and shipping flowers to ourselves until we perfected the process.

Today High Camp is the only company in the US to ship directly to consumer cut-to-order High Camp Gardenias quality vines and blooms year-round

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"The gift of High Camp is unmatched in fragrance and feeling." - FORBES

Priority Overnight to Your Door

The first company to pioneer overnight floral, all orders are shipped priority overnight via FedEx to anywhere you call home.

The Freshest Blooms Imaginable

Most florists’ flowers are refrigerated for up to six weeks before you buy them. At High Camp Supply, our gardenias are shipped the same day they're cut, providing the freshest blooms available.

Our Customer is Our Priority

We are available online, via email, or by phone. Please let us know how we can best assist you. We are happy to help you customize your heartfelt gift and make the process easy. We are here for you from order through delivery.

"This smells like if heaven delivered on all things promised. All. At. Once."

- Blake Lively

"I've never received a more beautiful and satisfying gift... ever."

- J.D.

Enhance your high camp experience


For the rest of your life, when you encounter the fragrance of a gardenia, you'll remember that time your dad sent you High Camp flowers and said he was proud of you."

- Susan Hanson, Founder

With a foundation of elevating simple charm to a luxury level, we offer a series of olfactory rituals that have evolved into a lifestyle brand prioritizing experiences, not "things." High Camp is the first to pioneer farm-to-door floral, direct-to-consumer. We began delivering elegant flowers with a "loose, un-tied chic" presentation in an elegant gift box, redefining expectations and enabling the recipient to hand-arrange and define personal style.

High Camp is on a journey to deliver more sensory-based experiences, and our calendar is filled with surprises we can’t wait to share in the coming year.

Fall in love with your life.

Industry Response

Let Fragrance Transport You

The unique and incomparable fragrance of gardenias evokes memories, stirs deep emotion, and cements unforgettable multi-sensory experiences for all who encounter it. The elegant paper-white bloom beckons the beholder for an eternity. As the original purveyor of farm-to-door flowers and experiential luxury, High Camp proudly offers sensory gifting experiences... timeless in the hearts of our recipients.