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5 Amazing Benefits of Having Flowers in Your Home/Little Known Benefits of Flowers

It’s second nature to send flowers to congratulate, celebrate, or send warm thoughts. Flowers can say “thank you, “I love you,” or even “I’m sorry.” If flowers are such special gifts, why don’t we use them more? Why not buy them to brighten your own day or surprise a friend?

It’s time we embrace the natural gift we’ve been given and bring flowers into the home more often. Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of having flowers at home – past the obvious aesthetic points.

Get Closer to Nature

When life pulls me in every direction - work, social gatherings, family obligations - I find myself spending less and less time appreciating nature. This is a shame, being that time in nature - be it greenery, bodies of water, or changing leaves - does wonders for the spirit. Spending time appreciating natural environments improves mental health outcomes and increases positive outlooks.

Flowers give us a chance to connect with nature, even at home. They literally encourage us to stop and smell the roses. Flowers come in every shape and size, with differing fragrances and endless color combinations, from wild and loose to sweet and delicate. A potted plant or a beautiful bouquet of gardenias might be the perfect remedy if you feel disconnected from the great outdoors. Bring it inside with you!

Plants Improve Air Quality

Who remembers the “plant a tree” movement, where we were all encouraged to plant as many trees as possible to filter the earth’s air? Whether indoors or outdoors, plants perform photosynthesis, absorbing unhealthy carbon dioxide and emitting the oxygen we breathe.

It’s no secret that live houseplants remove toxins and improve indoor air quality. Fresh-cut flowers have a similar effect, but on a smaller scale, of course. I’m not saying you should throw out your air purifier, but why not take advantage of this natural way to achieve a cleaner home environment and beautify your home at the same time?

Mood-Boosting Benefits

The gift of flowers is more than a nice gesture. Researchers have completed numerous studies showing the concrete mood-boosting effects of flowers. One study found that participants with indoor plants in their hospital rooms had faster recovery times and required less medication than comparable patients without plants. They also reported more positive experiences with hospital staff and less stress!

Another study exploring the benefits of flowers in office spaces found that employees with access to flowers were more comfortable and relaxed than those without. Appreciating the perfume in the air and the colors around the office can boost creativity and motivation. Take advantage of these benefits and decorate your home with fresh flowers or flowering live plants.

Romanticize Your Home

Embracing life's simple pleasures is a small but powerful habit to employ. Displaying flowers in the home can improve everyone’s mood and add a sense of romance to your everyday life. Treat yourself and your family to an eye-catching floral centerpiece, table accent, or floating bloom bowl so you can feel the love each time you walk by it. 

The tradition of offering flowers started at the temples of the ancient Greeks - now it’s evolved into a gesture of goodwill and a way to celebrate life’s big and small moments. Different flowers symbolize joy and beauty, grace, even wealth and eternity. Studies show that flowers can make a person more empathetic and sensitive to the needs of others. This easy addition nurtures relationships and fosters connection.

Speaking of romance, French research studies found that women are 30% more likely to respond positively to pursuant men when flowers are present. Why not increase your chances and wow her at the same time? At High Camp, we believe that ephemeral beauty is the most romantic kind; one that must be treasured while it lasts.

Flowers Stimulate your Olfactory System

Did you know that smells are one of the best ways to trigger a memory? Our sense of smell, memory, and emotions are all controlled by neighboring areas of the brain. When we smell a familiar scent, it can bring back the most vivid memory or feelings from that time.

Who knows, maybe adding flowers to your home will bring back a positive memory from your past. Flowers may conjure nostalgia from playing outside as a child on a summer day, bring back the rosy memories of your grandmother's home, or any important day in your life when flowers were gifted. At the very least, flowers can remind you of times gone by or open doors for new positive impressions to be made.  

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