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High Camp Supply was born of the concept that experiences are more valuable than "things." When looking to convey emotion, there is a sensory language that communicates something words cannot express. A gift that imprints the recipient with a deeply seeded memory.
There is no flower lovelier than a fresh cut gardenia from the garden.
Before founding High Camp, I had not been aware that commercial flowers typically sit in a cooler for an average of 6 weeks before being presented to the American consumer for purchase.

High Camp pioneered "cut-to-order" flowers delivering overnight floral shipped in a box straight from our farm to a recipient's door.

High Camp also revolutionized gardenia gifting by guaranteeing a reliable and consistent source year round.

Our signature Vine & Bloom Box offers chic loose blooms and stems meant to be arranged according to your personal style. I like to put some by my bedside and place small offerings around the house for those that I love. 
It is with pure joy that I can share this experience with you by continually offering the freshest flowers available. 
With love from High Camp,
Susan Hanson
gardenias in a white box with High Camp Supply logo pictured
Wildly beautiful cut-to-order gardenias. Nature to your doorstep wherever summer may take you...