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À la Recherche du Temps Perdu - “In Search of Lost Time”

The “Proust effect” is reliving past events through sensory stimuli. In the most elegant way, Proust describes the phenomenon of “involuntary memory” through a Madeline cookie dipped in tea.

Intense emotional response is evoked when we least expect it.  Through sound. Fragrance. Touch. Taste.  We are instantly transported to another place and time.

My grandmother had Alzheimer’s. An integral piece of my foundation and the kindest person I have ever known, she instilled in me a “due north.” I learned a great deal from losing someone I treasured so completely. Near the end, when she forgot who her husband was, her daughter, and all the things she deemed most important...she could still play concert piano. How? She could barely feed herself.  But she continued to play as most of us will only hope to.

Music is not in our heads. It lives in our cells. In our hearts.  

In my mind, so does love. So does fragrance. So are gestures we can only hope will be received as they are intended. To last.

With love from High Camp,

Susan Hanson
Founder/Head of Brand