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As the sun sets on summer, we are taking a moment to be grateful.
While it wasn't planned, the biggest blessing to come from founding High Camp was meeting people in a place where they are trying to connect. 
For years I often answered the phone myself. I loved it. I would find myself in engaging conversations with customers, hearing their stories. What a privilege to meet such wonderful people and start to truly understand what motivates people to give. To create a home that is welcoming and memorable. To treat loved ones to the optimism of fresh fragrant flowers on the breakfast table. A single bloom by a bedside.
There is something about fresh flowers that speaks to an engagement with life. To presence. 
I often speak of something my mother once said to me… ”bringing in fresh flowers, even if from the yard, signifies today matters.”
Treat yourself or someone you love to something memorable this week. A beautiful meal, kind words, a special candle…
We can’t wait to welcome fall with you, and wish you all the best sending summer out with joy. 
With love from High Camp,
Susan Hanson
AD quote on High Camp Gardenias