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Handwritten Gift Message


"Elegance is a way of moving. It is also knowing how to adapt to all the circumstances of one's life. Without elegance of heart, there is no elegance."
- Yves Saint Laurent

There are people that come to mind when we think of timeless elegance and grace; those who possess a sense of style and a unique lens on the world… 


People who make us feel seen, illuminate our dreams, and create a sense of security, a sense of place… simply through their presence. 


Elegance is not about appearance, it is how we move through life - with bravery and character, humor and compassion, badassery and grace. 


Send a gift that leaves a big impact. 


Cut-to-order flowers and hand-poured candles from the California coast. 


With love from High Camp,

Susan Hanson



"The gift of High Camp gardenias is unmatched in fragrance and feeling."