As the sole purveyor of the most coveted blooms available, High Camp proudly delivers fresh gardenias cut-to-order, overnight to your door. Enjoy our blooms anywhere in the US, shipped directly from our farms on the California coast. 
Gardenias are notoriously fragile flowers and we would love to provide you with some tips on how best to care for these rare blooms. We hope to inspire you to express your personal style in the art of custom arrangement.

Gardenia Care 101


HIGH CAMP GARDENIAS are grown with love and packaged with care in premium, glossy, water-resistant gift boxes to minimize exposure to light and air and sent FedEx priority overnight from our California farms for ultimate freshness. Contrary to popular belief, because our gardenias are so fresh, it is okay to touch the petals if they are run under water first and your hands and clean and damp.


It is normal for gardenias to arrive a bit sleepy and thirsty. Simply snap the tips (like asparagus) and place stems in cool water.


Because a gardenia's lifespan is approximately three days, you may consider saving a few blooms in a plastic bag with a wet paper towel in the refrigerator to freshen your arrangements a couple of days in. 


Gardenias are nature's most fragrant flowers. Enjoy your gardenias in any setting from casual to elegant, as often as possible. Once you experience the unrivaled aroma you will wonder how you ever lived without them!



Loose Blooms

Loose blooms arrive without leaves or stems and are lovely en masse in bowls and other vessels by placing them face up into 1-2 inches of water. The blooms will open within a few hours and last for 3-4 days, providing continuous fragrance and glorious white, velvety petals. Enjoy the beauty of the blooms in one large grouping with room to bloom, or divide them among smaller vessels to spread around your home.



Vine gardenias arrive on 8-10 inch stems with tight blooms that blossom over 2-3 days. “Vine gardenias” should be placed in cool water in a clean vessel or vase. Snap tips (like asparagus) for best water absorption and trim leaves that would otherwise be submerged. Within a few hours, the luscious white flowers will brighten every room.