As the original purveyor of cut-to-order flowers shipped directly overnight, High Camp began from our farm on the California coast in 2014. 
This inspired our journey to deliver “Ephemeral Luxury.” Experiential gifts that communicate in a way words can not - speaking directly to our hearts and elevating our senses. We are helping create rituals and traditions that reside in memories for years to come.  
Our first signature “Gardenia Palo Santo” scent garnered a cult following almost instantly. A sultry, unisex take on the gardenia, celebrating the dance between classic feminine mystery and smoky masculine notes. 
Today, we are incredibly proud to introduce our second offering.

Inspired by the old world grandeur of the Eternal City of Rome, this fragrance is the first offering from our new Destination Collection.  


Introducing itself like a drive into the city from the Amalfi coast; climbing roadside flowers lining the narrow roads, the fragrance moves like a symphony. Seaside breezes give way to the grand gardens of imperial estates, then finally the narrow cobblestone streets of Rome lined in ancient stone buildings with giant wood patinated doors.


The rich history and layered sophistication of Roma is slowly unveiled.  


Delivered in notes of gardenia, tobacco, cedar, stone, moss, frankincense, and coastal neroli, our first destination CITY offering modernizes the gardenia to offer a unique subtle sensory joyride. A Roman Holiday cut to order. 


Rome. By all means Rome!


Our Roma La Cittá Eterna candle is hand poured in a black glass vessel and sits with a bundle of Palo Santo smudge sticks to complete this stunning and fragrant gift, sure to resonate in the heart of any recipient. Ships overnight from our farm on the California Coast.

“A nuanced, deeply layered journey - not unlike an exceptional wine.”
- Brownhouse Design