We recently realized that our candles must be seen to be believed.
Much as our farm to door gardenias revolutionized the floral industry, High Camp is raising the bar for luxury candles.

The Extra Tall Candle

Our Extra Tall Wide Wick Signature Candle is 15 pounds and features perfume grade fragrance in organic soy wax. An absolute showstopper for any recipient.

14" high x 6.5" wide | 6800 grams

The Tall Candle

Our Tall Wide Wick Signature Candle is a perfect 10. Ten inches high and 10 pounds in weight.

10" high x 4.5" wide | 3175 grams

The Grande Candle

The Grande Candle is 7 pounds with 3 wide wood wicks in hand-painted glass. For something truly impactful, our Grande Dame Box features our grande wide wick candle nestled amongst fresh cut-to-order gardenias shipped directly from the farm.

5.5" high x 6.5" wide | 1700 grams