beautiful wide wick gardenia scented candles and gardenias in vase by fire


“I learned to find equal meaning in the repeated rituals of domestic life.  Setting the table.  Lighting the candles.  Building the fire.  Cooking.  All those soufflés… Clean sheets, stacks of clean towels, hurricane lamps for storms… These fragments matter to me.  I believe in them… I could find meaning in the intensely personal nature of life.” - Joan Didion
Creating signature rituals in your home lends a sense of well being and comfort, impossible to articulate in words.  Home means different things to each of us.  It can be a person, a pet, a space, a career.  When we are lonesome for “home” we may be longing for the special meal a loved one makes, the cologne our mother’s wore, the sound of the rain on a particular roof… moments that have touched our hearts and imprinted us for a lifetime.
High Camp celebrates these precious ephemeral moments with beautiful fragrant flowers and scented candles to create traditions.  As fall approaches, in a year that has been deeply challenging on so many levels, take a moment to celebrate the things you are truly grateful for.
Sending love,
Susan Hanson
Founder/Head of Brand