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Handwritten Gift Message


"And so with the sunshine
and the great bursts of leaves
growing on the trees,
just as things grow fast in movies,
I had that familiar conviction
that life was beginning over again
with summer."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

There is so much excitement in the air. Literally and figuratively. If you have tried calling the airlines you know what we mean. 
Travel is on people’s minds, whether near or far. People are wanting to reunite, to get away, to dream and see new things…
If you are housewarming in a far away place, setting the tone with your signature fragrance lets you settle right in. Many of our customers do a summer subscription to celebrate a seasonal home. Others send a hostess gift ahead of or after their stay. 
Whatever your scenario, there is much to celebrate. Bring your rituals to the party. 
Wishing you a warm and wonderful summer season.

With love from High Camp,
Susan Hanson
gardenias being held by sea
"In his blue gardens
men and girls
came and went
like moths
among the whisperings
and the champagne
and the stars."
- F.S.F. | The Great Gatsby