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"If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk through my garden forever." - ALT
As the holidays are quickly approaching,  decorations and preparations for most are well underway. 
Whether you are welcoming winter with open arms, or headed south to avoid the crisp air, celebrate these special days with traditions old and new.
There is no better way to send love and warm thoughts to show gratitude, than with beautiful, fragrant, fresh-cut flowers.
Gardenias, previously considered a seasonal delight, can now be shipped year-round throughout the U.S. wherever FedEx delivers. High Camp has truly revolutionized the way people experience flowers, with exquisite blooms cut-to-order sent directly from farm to door.
 Celebrate the people that matter most, treat yourself and family.
 We invite you to experience an elegant opportunity to spread joy this holiday season that will reside in memories for years to come.
With love from High Camp,
Susan Hanson
"I've never received a more beautiful and satisfying gift... ever!"