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Handwritten Gift Message


"Scent lives longer in the memory than sight and sound combined."
​- Scott Williams in FORBES
Even more powerful than hearing a song from the past, a scent that awakens the olfactory senses transports us immediately to another place, another time. We become permanently imprinted through scent memories.
Our cut-to-order fragrant flowers transport you back to the first time you experienced the beauty of a gardenia; perhaps a childhood family home with blooming gardenia shrubs, a simple corsage, or a wedding bouquet…
Gardenias are a true work of art.
Wildly beautiful, their unique scent and ephemeral beauty resonate deeply in a way that only nature can.
We have come to realize that the unmistakable fragrance of gardenias evokes memories and emotions past and present, creating unforgettable and multi-sensory experiences for all who encounter the language of this elegant paper white bloom.
As the original purveyor of farm to door flowers, our goal is to offer an engaging way for people to connect and to convey emotions. 
Send love to those who matter most in your life, say thank you, or reconnect with someone you dream of.
Sometimes only the language of flowers will do.
With love from High Camp,
Susan Hanson