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Handwritten Gift Message


High Camp Supply, by majority, is a women owned and operated business. I am proud to share that there are wonderfully supportive men forwarding our vision as well. 
As founder, I envisioned creating a brand that celebrates the everyday, with ephemeral luxury and sensory gifting. 
I am honored to call many of our clients, as well as our investors and employees, my friends, and a great inspiration to me. 
In founding High Camp, I wanted to create a work environment that was inspiring, appreciative and respectful. I am extremely aware of the importance of creating a corporate culture that allows all people to feel safe, valued, and regarded with great care.
I am thankful for mentors and supporters, men and women alike, who hold a high bar for equality and respect for all people, in the work place and in life in general. I try my best to mentor and pay forward the many acts of bravery and kindness along the way that have allowed me the opportunity to lead a company that I so adore. 
In a season illustrating the horrific tragedy that lies in the love of power, at High Camp we push forward in our mission to celebrate the power of love... the ripple effect of good will, kindness, gratitude and celebration. Small gestures that make big differences. 
Many of you inspire this journey, and we want to thank you for your beautiful hearts and the loveliness we witness from each of you daily. 
Wishing everyone a happy Women's Day.
With love from High Camp,
Susan Hanson