the unexpected- finds that are above and beyond

THE UNEXPECTED: Finds That are Above and Beyond

For the last 60 years the Mitchell Family has been scouring the world to bring you the finest and most exclusive clothing, jewelry and accessories in a highly curated way.
We are excited to launch "The Unexpected," a new series of luxury items.
Every month, we'll be rolling out something new that is perfect to give (or get), so stay tuned...
Starting with 
3 Bloom Boxes created exclusively for Mitchells and overnighted to your doorstep. 
Gardenias are nature's most fragrant flowers. Enjoy your gardenias in any casually elegant setting as often as possible. Once you smell the unrivaled aroma you will wonder how you ever lived without them!
HIGH CAMP Gardenias are grown for Mitchells with love and packaged with care in premium, glossy, water-resistant gift boxes to minimize exposure to light and air. Our gardenias are cut-to-order and sent FedEx priority overnight from their California farms for ultimate freshness.