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Handwritten Gift Message


HIGH CAMP was founded to underscore the value of experiences over "things".
In consideration of the old expression "you can't take it with you" there is an exception... the precious moments and memories we carry in our hearts forever.
What creates a memory? Oddly the moments we hold are not always tied to our most extravagant experiences. It is more about how something made us feel.
The simplest gesture can create beautiful and lasting memories... for yourself or for those near and dear. A single blossom sitting in a teacup on the breakfast table. Small, hand arranged posies on a bedside or deeply fragrant flowers floating gently near a candle.
To create a home that is welcoming and memorable is to treat loved ones to the optimism of presence, hope, engagement with life, appreciation of togetherness... this is what we will long for when we are "homesick". 
I often speak of something my mother once said... "bringing in fresh flowers, even if from the yard, signifies today matters. "Do not wait for a "special" day to celebrate. Make this moment special.
Treat yourself or someone you love to something memorable this week. A beautiful meal, kind words, a special candle, a found poem... Or a box of loose, "untied chic" gardenias to arrange any way that feels right.
With love from High Camp,
Susan Hanson

"I think allure is something around you, like a perfume or like a scent. It's like a memory... it pervades."

- Diana Vreeland