gold crown among bed of gardenia flowers


Why wait for a designated moment to celebrate?
"My mom used to say to me 'you can't have fun all the time' and I used to say, 'Why not? Why the F can't I have fun all the time?'" - Kate Moss
Kate is on to something actually... Every moment in every day is an opportunity to live with excitement and grace. Even when things feel the most difficult, lighting a candle is better than cursing the darkness. 
Giving a gift that resonates, or creating lifelong impressions communicated through personal style, do not require huge gestures. 
The right gift, particularly one that lands at an unexpected moment, conveys real connection. It can feel like a wink, or an arm around you.
Leaving flowers on the bedside table for a lover, a bloom in a lunchbox with a note for a child, a scented candle illuminating a conversation with a friend... all speak to your belief that today matters.
Often, it is this type of token effort that transcends into a lifetime memory. It becomes what people hold in their hearts and minds marketingly when they think of you. 
Our goal is to help you  celebrate every day. Elevating daily experiences into memories that make up a lifetime. 
Susan Hanson