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Handwritten Gift Message


"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
High Camp was founded on the concept of celebrating every day, in awe of the ephemeral quality of life exemplified most profoundly by nature itself.
In passing moments, we seek to create lasting memories... as the temporality of an instant has the capacity to radiate a twinkle of eternity.
The rush of opening the doors to a holiday home, the smell of time-worn recipes wafting with the signature cologne of a loved one, fragrant flowers and holiday greens, cementing memories even more effectively than a favorite song. 
The collective totality of these small moments shared and remembered, tucked away like tiny treasures, exemplifies the luxury of life. 
Wishing you beautiful holiday moments to hold. 
With love from High Camp,
Susan Hanson
Indulge in a world of botanical bliss with fragrant blooms cut-to-order, hand-poured scented candles, and palo santo delivered overnight, straight from our farm on the California coast.
"Absolutely stunning!!! Beautiful blooms, so mesmerizingly fragrant! I can't speak highly enough about this whole experience… flawless. Very pleasantly surprised, my mom cried in happiness! Thank you so very much High Camp Gardenias for the best gift I've ever given and I have you to thank for that!"
- Gigi A.