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The Romance of the Unusual

How to Romanticize Your Life

"Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual."

- Ernest Hemingway

When our minds wander, we daydream of other lands. Our hearts are nomads. We long for new experiences and to return to those of days gone by. We hike, we fly, we swim and float... it is softer now.

Create rituals to hold dear throughout the years... a simple bedside flower could be held in memory by someone special far longer than you can imagine. 

Romanticizing your life means finding ways to make each moment special with a little bit of mindfulness and attention. Small acts of kindness toward yourself and others can do wonders for a more fulfilled, thoughtful life.

Need some inspiration? You've come to the right place. 

How to Romanticize Your Life One Day at a Time

Life's mundane moments don't have to be. Commuting, cooking dinner, getting ready for bed -- these daily activities can feel glamorous with a bit of effort and a touch of intention. If your life was a movie, you'd be the main character, so why not act like it?

  1. Personalize your workspace

Cubicle, home office, wherever it may be - this is where we spend most of our days. Our lives are composed of these moments at work, whether alone, chatting with a coworker, or working overtime to meet a deadline. Adding a personal touch to your work space or creating your own break time ritual can make these seemingly monotonous moments more exciting and meaningful.

Treat yourself to a walk in nature, read a book or poetry, or start an after-work routine that makes you feel good and feeds your soul. A picture of a loved one, pens of your favorite color, fresh cut flowers on the desk - you don't need a special occasion to romanticize your life. 

  1. Dress your best

Would the main character of your favorite movie wear things that made her feel unstylish? I'd venture to say no. There's no reason to hang on to old clothes that don't make you feel like your best, beautiful self. 

Invest in some comfortable yet fashionable work clothes, matching pajama sets, flowy skirts for frolicking on days off, whatever it may be. Take time to create an alluring elegant ensemble. Seize the day without that voice in the back of your head nagging you about your outfit.

As Charles Hix once said, “Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.” You can't romanticize your life without looking and feeling your best.

  1. Dress up your breakfast

Scarfing down a bowl of cereal or eating a granola bar as you walk into work isn't exactly a serene way to start the day. Skipping breakfast is even worse - leaving you sluggish and calorie deficient the entire morning. Giving yourself some extra time in the morning to enjoy a healthy breakfast is the best way to start the day.

  • Cut some seasonal fruit and make your own beautifully appointed yogurt parfait.
  • Take ten extra minutes and sit down with your partner for breakfast. Reflect on the week, tell them something you love about them, and enjoy the time you have together. Garnish the table with fresh-cut gardenias to bring sweet-smelling joy to the room. 
  • Make yourself a decadent smoothie, coffee, or infused water.
  1. Buy yourself flowers

We don't hesitate when sending flowers to friends. Why not deliver some of that love and charm into your own life, too? Keeping flowers in the home or office is a form of self-care - showing yourself love as you would others. Bask in their elegance each time you walk by, feeling empowered that you got them yourself, for no reason at all other than romanticizing your life.

A bouquet by the door or a single bloom on the nightstand make the little things special. Romanticize your life each time you walk in the door, greeted by the sweet scent of fresh-cut gardenias or a floating bloom bowl.

  1. Practice gratitude

Each day has special moments to cherish that so often go unappreciated. How often do you take the time to list things in your life that you're grateful for? Making a point to be mindful of our blessings reminds us just how much love we have and deserve. 

I try and make this a ritual - journaling to mark and remember the events and people I'm thankful for as I begin or close out each day. Work, family, friends, little unexpected things I cherish and revere. I find this routine an exercise in mindfulness, mental health, and balance. It's my favorite way of romanticizing my life while remaining grounded and humble.

Living Life with Purpose - Romanticizing the Little Things

In life, we usually hold onto good moments, distance ourselves from the bad ones, and forget the mindless in-between. The mundane parts of our day are just as important, and add up to a sizeable portion of life. What if we cherished those moments, filling them with love, charm, even poise. What if we took it upon ourselves to make the little things feel important, too? This could be the key to harnessing "main character energy," as kids say these days. 

Do your best to start being intentional about the little things. Romanticizing your life isn't just about style and aesthetics, but about living life to the fullest, even in unexpected ways.

Let High Camp Supply Help You Romanticize Your Life

At High Camp, one of our principle philosophies is finding romance in the unusual. Romanticizing your life in unpredictable ways. Offering hand-cut gardenias delivered straight to your door, we aim to provide the freedom for you to place your gardenias around your home, office, or function in creative groupings - however your heart desires. 

Floating blooms in the jacuzzi, a single flower at your place setting, a loose petal in a cocktail, a new scented candle on your desk. Relish in each day and create new rituals that bring joy to your life. That's the vision we strive for. 

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